Supinfocom – Bet She’an




Role :

  • Technical director
  • Rendering artist
  • Lead 3D
  • Lighting
  • Production pipeline

Making-of :

Rendering pipeline (Full article on CG Society):

During Bet She’an I was in charge of all technicals aspects of the film (except Hair farm and cloth), during pre-production I was working with Bastien Letoile and Julien Soler on the scenario, then I started to work closely with Julien Soler to picture the visual style of the movie. During production I’ve been working on lighting and all the rendering to the final renders send to compositing (Guillaume Raynaut). Besides this I was managing the production pipeline and the differents production deadlines.

Rendering was the most impressive technical aspect of the project, We started with the idea of a 2D very illustrative picture (Sergio Toppi,Enki Bilal, ). The watercolor stylisation was a real challenge, there is no clear way to achieve such nice and textured effect easiely in 3D. Our Art director was working on hatching the shots and the characters and our Painter was working on skies and 2d effects such as smokes, wind,… So I decided to find from our 3D models a procedural way to achieve those 2D watercolor effects, with a very low amount of retakes.

Bet She'an - Shaders

Shader Lineup

I also worked on some FX, particularly the 3D stylised cloud , i took great attention of Damien Nenow masterclass at the siggraph 2011

 Bet She'an - Clouds





Stills :

Bet She'an - 01


Bet She'an - 02


Bet She'an - 03


Bet She'an - 04


Bet She'an - 05


Bet She'an - 06


Bet She'an - 07


Bet She'an - 08


Bet She'an - 09


Bet She'an - 10


Bet She'an - 11


Bet She'an - 14


Bet She'an - 12


Bet She'an - 13