The Little Things

Greysize – Bandits Collective

Direction, Production, Technical direction

7 minutes


The Little Things or the original title Les Petites Choses is a self-funded personal VR short film within the collective Bandits.

The heart of the project resides in conveying a souvenir postcard from our childhood memories of the south of France.

At once a meditation on family dynamics and an experiment in narrative form, Louis will accompany the viewer into realms both immersive and utterly removed as he and his family experience a life-changing event.

Our main character, Louis, is a little boy who lives with his grandparents. As he enjoys his daily adventures throughout the summer it is for him a coming of age where he will grasp his independence and understand his position in his family.

Visual development

The audience will experience the story from multiple viewpoints.

Shifting between the first person view within Louis’ body, a god-like third person watching the doll-house interplay of the entire household both intertwined with the colorful synesthetic episodes brought about by the mouth-watering feasts prepared by his Grandmother. 

Rendered in dazzling impressionistic and painterly style, the audience will inhabit Louis, an imaginative and mischievous 7 year old, and meet his eccentric grandparents while exploring their summery french suburban house. 


The show was developed for the HTC Vive and running in Unity, we implemented an interaction system so that our audience would not miss any of the unique events with a timed gaze system.

For accessibility reasons we also monitor the audience height to adapt the show to their size so that children as much as an adult can crawl into the doll house and other events without the hassle f being too small or too tall.

This allowed us the have also consistent movements within the space for all users.


360 recording

Distribution & Partners

The project was produced by Yvonne Van Ulden.


The film has been premiered at Fantoche (Switzerland) before running around Europe

Kaboom (former Klik! festival in Amsterdam), Animest(Romania),  Animateka (Slovenia) before to finished Finalist in the British Animation Awards (UK).

The film also obtained a development residence at The Animation Workshop : Open Workshop (Denmark)

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