The Walker

Eva Palacios (Director)

Production, Full stack project

5 minutes


In 2021 we took over the entire production of a 5 minutes VR short film for the director Eva Palacios.

This short revolves around an allegoric travelogue of migrants from country to country, from oppression to freedom, and their journey through landscapes.


The film premiered at the Venice Biennale 2021.

We started the project from her initial storyboards and early concepts. As a first stage, we developed her budgeting & schedule with a few miles stones. Due to her new arrival in the VR media scene, we helped her improve and iterate over her storyboards to bring better staging and pacing while supporting the very poetic approach her film offers.

Our work started by building a 3D blocking of her vision within Unity, this offered us the flexibility to adapt, rearrange and iterate fastest than classic 3D previsualization.


With budget constraints in mind, we offered her guidance to fulfill her vision while respecting her deadlines ( Venice Biennale ). We worked very closely with sound engineers to spatialize and bring the piece to its best.

Our work involved the creation of 4 entire stages, each describing through visual and audio poetry the journey of the walker.

Starting from a very photorealistic approach most of the animation work to leave a trace of the people traveling from footsteps in the sand to fire camps lost in the no man’s land to surviving the ocean as we wait to be picked up by the last hope.



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