Feed Me Light

Supervision, Technical direction, Pipeline

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Feed Me Light hired us for our expertise in technical direction and supervision to oversee and develop in-house pipeline and tools to fluidity their higher quality productions

Their project Dobbies was a miniature style advertising with numerous animated characters, complex scenery and lighting.

Production was mixed between Maya and 3ds Max and I was managing the bridge between the software as well as taking care of scene assembly and working on the back-end heavy lifting as well as some more advanced tricks and setup for lighting, rendering, and technical animations.

Our preferred supervision process remains to keep the team member focused on their expertise while unloading from them the hassle of file duty, organization, and other bugs and inherent hiccups during production.

This got extremely proficient as our lighter could entirely focus on lighting shots and not have to bother with any passes setup or background animation updated requirements. Animators could the same way focus truly on their art and get things done quickly and in the best condition as they just had a one-click button to publish their animation.

We built an in-house streamlined Alembic import/export system which allows for quick scene building and animation updates.

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