KP Nuts


Supervision, Technical Direction


We got called by Blinkink to come and oversee one of their production directed by Stevie Gee and Essy May.

Both used to stop-motion and miniature on set they were in difficulties due to the raging pandemia.

Working hand in hand with the directors Stevie & Essy who were used to miniature sets and stop-motion was very interesting as they had all the references required around them as well as insights around the making of some of the effects.

We were planning and steering production processes and decisions to make their vision become true.

We supervised of all aspects of the project from scheduling, team management, and workflow on Modo with the in-house pipeline BIP. We were overseeing artists’ supervision on art direction and helping Stevie & Essy, the directors, to get their vision translated to 3D artists.

We prepared briefs for each asset creation and gave rounds of feedback with references to get that « miniature » look as close as possible.

Finally, as we were tied to Binkink pipeline and Modo ecosystem, the team was not proficient in it so we decided to let the artists choose their preferred tools for asset creation and animation while we would manage to light and rendering within Modo and BIP pipeline system would lift the tedious scene assembly process.

We worked on all VFX (exploding car, traffic system, exploding roof, melting plant,..) to develop their system, look, and animations.

Acting as a Swiss army knife for debugging and resolving artists’ struggles we worked on polishing every shot and asset helping to bridge between artists with their needs.

Due to the number of assets on the first highway shot, we overtook to manage it on our side with a scripted system for instanced animated cars.

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