Bandits Collective – The Little Things

Diving in 2016 into VR with my collective Bandits Collective we started developing a VR short on HTC Vive with Unity.

This project called The Little Things is a postcard from our childhood memories of south of France. Our main character, Louis, a little boy lives with his grandparents. As he enjoy his daily adventures over the course of a summer it is for him a coming of age where he will grasp his independence and understand his position in his family.

The film has been premiered in Fantoche Film Festival(Switzerland) in 2017 before to be selected in numerous festivals in Europe : Kaboom (former Klik! festival in Amsterdam), Animest(Romania), Animateka(Slovenia) and got finalist of the British Animation Awards(UK).

The film also obtained a development residence at The Animation Workshop (Denmark)

The film’s official website :

Throughout the process I was in charge of :

  • all technical aspect including production workflow with Unity
  • all the interactivities including the accessibility options (automatic layout and scaling adaptation for children), FX shaders and real-time visual development
  • House modelling and texturing
  • Abstract sequences modelling, rigging and animation

LPC_Trailer_003 LPC_Trailer_004 LPC_Trailer_005 LPC_Trailer_009 LPC_Trailer_011 LPC_Trailer_018 LPC_Trailer_Unity_Grab_Top_View_02362