The Line – Mavrello Ballovic

I got hired by The Line Animation Studio to supervise and lead the 7 videos launch for the Mavericks

I was in charge of:

  • Supervision of all aspect of the project, scheduling, team management and workflow
  • Modelling, texturing, shading and rigging all props as well as the ran-over foam hand and also all moving parts of the backgrounds
  • Lighting and rendering all shots
  • All VFX including : Ground destruction and particles, soft fabric cushion on chair, character integration in projected matte paintings, post animation mesh tweaks,..
  • Swiss army knife for debugging, resolving and polishing shots and assets, all scene assembly, rendering and bridge between artists

MCX_EP01_01 MCX_EP01_02 MCX_EP02_01 MCX_EP02_02 MCX_EP05_01 MCX_EP03_02