Doodle Productions – Messy goes to Okido

I’ve been working at Doodle Productions on « Messy goes to Okido » TV serie as assistant technical director.

Where I was in charge of:

  • Updating and checking the production animatic in Hiero through layout, animation and compositing steps.
  • Managing the asset library, reviewing assets from modelling department, organizing clean up on major problematic assets, and cleaning assets in general.
  • Attending layout and animation reviews and briefings to follow up assets throughout the production and catching up as much problem as possible before they reached the rendering step.
  • Improving production pipeline :

– crowds library for animators

– daily tools for lighting/rendering artists (save and load Ids in between shots, lighting include/exclude by characters, working with dev team for tools improvement and development)

– proposing ideas for a better communication and pipeline like:  developing a link between FTrack and Deadline, 3Dmax and other pipeline software – network rendering for final exports – improving security for final exports – 2D department and compositing pipeline improvement

  • Fixing general technical issues on shots for lighting and animation teams and also some lighting and scene assembly.