Blinkink – KP Nuts

I was hired by Binkink studio to oversee and supervise one of their project for KP Nuts

I was working hand in hand with the directors Stevie & Essy who were used to work with miniature and stop-motion animation. I was planning and driving the production decision to make their vision become true.

I was in charge of:

  • Supervision of all aspect of the project, scheduling, team management and workflow on Modo with the in-house pipeline BIP
  • Artists supervision on art direction, Helping Stevie & Essy, the directors, to get their vision out. I was preparing the brief for each asset creation and giving rounds of feedback with references to get that « miniature » look as close as possible.
  • Worked on all VFX modelling, texturing, rigging and animation (exploding car, traffic system, exploding roof, melting plant,..)
  • Swiss army knife for debugging, resolving and polishing shots and assets, all scene assembly, rendering and bridge between artists
  • Set dressing on the opening shot of traffic advert