Hi !

David is a London based CG lead and project supervisor since 2013. He graduated from Supinfocom and have been working as an independent director within his collective BANDITS.

He has been working on advertising, XR content, TV Series, music videos, and short films as a 3D lead and acting as a swiss army knife throughout productions. He helps smoothing out bottlenecks while releasing pressure on team members so they can focus on their art and craft. With a strong organisational and problem solving mind he oversees projects and forecast issues and difficulties ahead production while trying to get the best for each project.

Always working hand in hand with producers on one side and directors and art directors on the other he has an eye for details and visual craft to bring the picture to its best.


Since 2017 he started acting as a one man band, taking over entire projects from pitch to final delivery. Working and in hand with directors and clients he takes as much a position of producer and project manager while handling most of the workload, his extensive contact book allow him to pick artists and craftsmen/women that will bring the best for each projects.


He remain available for collaboration with clients and directors as well as taking over production from animation studios. Never closed to any opportunities he act as a freelance but can be open to full-time position opening.


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